Russian Forces Detonate Munitions at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

Ukraine’s National Nuclear Energy Generating Company Energoatom reported that Russian troops have detonated ammunition stores at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

“In the coming hour, the occupiers who captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant plan to begin ‘disposal’ of ammunition right on the site of the plant near the ruins of the ZNPP’s research center,” said Energoatom earlier today.

At around 21:33 local time Energoatom confirmed that the detonations went as planned.

“Russicst idiots blew up part of the ammunition at the site of the Zaporizhia NPP near the ruins of the training center and Power Unit 1. And they plan to continue carrying out detonations at the largest nuclear facility in Europe,” said Energoatom.

Zaporizhzhia NPP employees reportedly evacuated their posts before the detonations while there is no information if they managed to leave the plant or if they would be returning.

There is no information if the main reactor was damaged during the detonations or if there were any casualties or radiation leaks.

Zaporizhzhia NPP has been under Russian control since last week while Ukraine claimed that Russian state energy provider Rosatom was trying to take it over.

“Yesterday 11 Rosatom’s civilians arrived at Zaporizhzhia NPP. Among them, there were Balakovo NPP Chief Engineer Oleg Romanenko and Rostov NPP Maintenance Deputy Chief Engineer Ivan Malakhov. According to the representative of this group, they were sent to assess nuclear and radiation safety after the power plant was shelled and seized, as well as assist with repair works,” said Energoatom

Rosatom Director General Alexey Likhachev confirmed that some of its experts were present on site but denied trying to take it over.

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