Russian Cyber Attacks on Ukraine Evolve and Intensify

Russian and Ukrainian DDoS attacks have intensified alongside the ongoing armed conflict.

Just this weekend, Ukrainian hacktivists have targeted at least 80 cinemas, including Kinomax, Mori Cinema, Luxor, and Almaz using DDoS attacks to disrupt ticketing and screening operations.

“Thanks to you, the sites of Russian cinemas rested for the weekend. Less tickets bought online mean less money in the budget for financing the war. Today, we are returning all power to the attack on the logistics of the Russian Federation,” said the Ukrainian hacktivist collective IT Army.

Kaspersky security expert Alexander Gutnikov explained that the attacks have been evolving as well and are already lasting for weeks.

In more recent developments, the IT army has managed to target telecom provider Beeline and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the Russian front, the state-backed group Killnet has been targeting Ukraine’s ally Lithuania using DDoS attacks as well.

Lithuania’s state energy provider, Ignitis Group, reported a DDoS attack over the weekend which was reported to be the biggest in decades.

“We have experienced intense DDoS attacks over the last two weeks. We see that when individual attacks fail, hackers choose us as the only target and mobilize all their capabilities,” said Edvinas Kerza, the head of business resilience at Ignitis Group.

Killnet also reportedly launched a DDoS attack against a website operated by the US Congress and caused outages between 9:00 and 11:00 AM Thursday.

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