Russian Authorities Extends Gulag Historian’s Sentence to 15 Years

The Petrozavodsk City Court has extended the sentence of historian Yuri Dmitriyev to 15 years for allegedly possessing images of child sexual abuse and indecent acts against his adopted daughter, as well as possession of weapon parts.

“By adding up the sentences, appoint Dmitriev to be sentenced to 15 years in a strict regime colony,” said Judge Yekaterina Khomyakova.

Dmitriyev, who also serves as a local head of the Memorial rights group which exposes Stalin-era crimes and based on fabricated evidence, was already sentenced to 13 years in jail last year.

Footage of Dmitriyev’s sentencing shows him being handed his sentence inside a holding cage in the courtroom. 

Dmitriyev has not pleaded guilty to any of the charges while his lawyer Roman Masalev said they would appeal the verdict legally within 10 days.

Dmitriyev’s sentencing came as the Russian government is seeking to shut down the foreign agent tagged International Memorial and the Memorial Human Rights Center in Moscow.

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