Russia Bans University Researchers and Scientists from Publishing in International Journals and Attending Conferences This Year

The Russian government has declared a moratorium for scientific schools regarding joining International conferences and publishing in international journals.

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov said that the Russian Government agreed with the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences’ plan to suspend this year the indexing of publications of Russian scientists in international databases data and participation in foreign scientific conferences.

“It is necessary to rethink the work at this stage and provide support for Russian scientific publications, as well as reduce the share of bibliometric and scientometric indicators in the assessment of scientific teams that are engaged in fundamental, applied, and socio-humanitarian research,” said Falkov. 

Falkov however said that the moratorium on indicators does not mean a total ban on publication but “Russia should remain on the frontier of global science. But we need to proceed from our national interests.”

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has earlier discussed the creation of its own system for evaluating the effectiveness of scientific research and development which was attended by Falkov. 

“We have the groundwork for creating our own sovereign system for evaluating scientific activity that meets the interests of the Russian Federation,” said Falkov. 

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