Rioters Storm and Try to Breakdown Door at Portland Police Union Building

Rioters attempted to break down the door of the Portland Police Association building but failed.

A protest has developed near North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue, where participants have tried to break down the door the Portland Police Association,” tweeted Portland police 6:15 AM Local time. 

The Portland police said they warned the rioters that they would use non-lethal methods or force if the rioters continued or broke any laws.

As of 8:21 AM, the rioters have left the vicinity and left the door intact but several properties outside have been reportedly vandalized. 

No injuries or arrests were reported while no group has taken responsibility for the demonstration.

Alleged footage of the protest circulated on Twitter showing black-clad protesters chanting “We won’t forgive” while carrying Antifa banners. 

The Portland police department has not named the group behind the storming attempt but Portland has been a frequent venue for BLM and Antifa demonstrations since the summer of 2020 until President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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