Recall of Ceres 100% Apple Juice Expands

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Friday ordered the recall of another batch of Ceres 100% Apple Juice due to patulin contamination at levels exceeding the maximum limit.

The order came two weeks after the recall of two batches of the product, following the detection of elevated levels of patulin in some batches through the manufacturer’s in-house testing.

According to the SFA media release, patulin could occur in fruits such as apples as a result of fungal contamination before and after harvest.

“The level of patulin detected may cause the products to be unsafe for consumption if there is a long-term intake,” SFA said, adding that taking in large amounts of patulin from food may cause nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and vomiting. However, “brief exposure without excessive intake is unlikely to pose health issues.”

The newest recalled product was the Ceres 100% Apple Juice in 1L packets, with a ‘best before date’ of Jun 29, 2022, from South Africa, while the previous batches include Ceres 100% Apple Juice, also from South Africa, in 200ml and 1L packets, with best before dates of Jun 14, 2022, and Jun 17, 2022, respectively.

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