Putin Expresses Concern on Security Situation At Afghan-Tajik Border

The Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday said the security situation at the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border is a concern during in a meeting with his Tajik counterpart Emomali Rakhmon in Russia, where he said Moscow had strengthened its military base in Tajikistan with weapons and other equipment.

“As has been our agreement, some weapons and equipment have been delivered to reinforce Tajikistan’s armed forces so that Tajikistan could efficiently counter any threats to your country that emanate from outside,” he said.

Putin furthered that Russia and Tajikistan are developing their relations on security issues.

Moreover, Russia’s Ambassador to Tajikistan Igor Lyakin-Frolov said on Monday that Moscow is beginning to build a border guard post in Tajikistan on the border with Afghanistan.

“The issues of security were considered in the bilateral and multilateral context. In particular, a decision was made within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization on strengthening the Tajik-Afghan border,” Lyakin-Frolov added.

He also said that active work is underway to modernize the 201st Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan.

“Enhanced attention will be paid to this issue of security on the Tajik-Afghan border,” he stressed.


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