Prime Minister Confirms All US Combat Troops Left Iraq

The government of Iraq on Wednesday has announced that all the US combat troops have left the country, and applauded their role in the fight against Islamic State extremist group.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in a tweet message said that the US-led coalition would now only be present in Iraq to “advise and assist.”

“The Coalition have fully completed their combat role after transfer of personnel and material outside Iraq. Going forward, their role will be to advise and assist our security forces per the outcome of the Strategic Dialogue,” the Prime Minister added.

“We thank the leadership of the Coalition, its members, our partners and neighbors in combating Daesh and reaffirm that our security forces stand ready to defend our people,” Mustafa al-Kadhimi added.

Recently the coalition had announced that all its combat troops had left Iraq on 9 December based on a deadline agreed by the US and Iraq in July 2021.

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