President Biden Signs Executive Order on Abortion Access

US President Joe Biden on Friday announced that he has signed an executive order protecting access to abortion medication and making legal representation available to women who choose to travel out of state for procedures.

“This is a moment—the moment—the moment to restore the rights that have been taken away from us and the moment to protect our nation from an extremist agenda,” said Biden.

The executive order will mandate the Department of Health and Human Services to protect and expand access to abortion drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration along with expanded access to reproductive health services such as family planning, emergency contraception, and long-term contraception methods

Biden however said it would require an act of Congress to restore full access to abortion after several states imposed abortion bans following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.

“The challenge is go out and vote. For God’s sake there is an election in November. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote!” said Biden.

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