Polish Military Data Leaked

The Polish Armed Forces reported that 1.8 million data points of military equipment have been leaked online.

“After verification of the services, we would like to inform you that the catalog disclosed on the Internet is part of the Uniform Material Index kept by the Support Inspectorate, i.e. the unit responsible for purchases in the Polish Army,” said the Armed Forces. 

The Armed Forces reassured that the files were publicly available in the first place.

Among the data leaked were believed to be schematics and information from common items such as screws, notebooks, and office equipment while there was also data on sensitive subjects such as anti-tank missiles and F-16 fighters.

According to the investigation of the Armed Forces, the leak was caused by an employee of the Support Inspectorate. 

There is still no information on how far the data has been leaked and if there are possible consequences for the leak. 

“Our source, a specialist in cybersecurity, said the database had already been downloaded by users from more than ten countries, including Russia and China. We have confirmed the leak in two independent sources connected with special forces,” said an Onet.pl source.

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