Police Body Camera Footage Shows Officers Handcuffing, Berating Five-Year-Old Boy

A police department in Maryland has released on March 26 body camera footage showing two officers handcuffing and berating a five-year-old boy who allegedly had left his school without permission.

Recorded in January 2020, the 50-minute video released by the Montgomery County Police Department showed two officers repeatedly screaming at the child, threatening to beat him, and placing him in handcuffs.

“Oh my God, I’d beat him so bad,” the officer said around the child.”

One officer said while handcuffing the child, “You know what these are for? These are for people who don’t want to listen and don’t know how to act.”

The video began with the officers finding the boy about one block away from East Silver Spring Elementary School in southern Maryland, near the Washington border.

The child, who is not identified, began to cry after the officer asked, “You feel like you can make your own decisions? You feel like you can do what you want?”

“Does your mama spank you? Does your mama spank you? She’s going to spank you today,” one officer can also be heard saying in the video.

The video also showed one of the officers forcing the crying child onto a chair in the principal’s office, shouting near the child’s face, “Shut that noise up now! I hope your momma let me beat you.”

The police department issued a statement saying that both officers remained employed after a “thorough investigation” on the incident.

The boy’s mother, Shanta Grant, filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the Montgomery County, Montgomery County Public Schools, and the Montgomery County Police Department, according to a report by NBC Washington.

Grant’s lawyers said Grant is seeking “justice and fair compensation for the trauma” her child endured.

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