Plane Crashes into San Diego Suburbs, No Survivors

A plane has crashed into a residential area in El Cajon, San Diego, and has knocked out power in the area.

A Learjet 35 flying out of John Wayne Airport hit a powerline around 7:15 pm local time before it crashed between Pepper Drive and Second Street in El Cajon then exploded into a large fireball. 

A crash tape from the accident has been released by the Times of San Diego.

“IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) cancellation received. You can overfly the field, make left traffic, Runway 27 Right, Runway 27 Right, clear to land. Oh, s***! Oh s***!,” said the flight controller. 

Doorcam footage of the crash shows the plane hurtling to the ground before an explosion is heard. 

Fire Chief Don Butz said that no survivors were found but no bodies or remains have been recovered yet. 

No El Cajon residents were reported hurt or killed. 

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