Petropolis Landslides Kills at Least 100

Almost 100 people died in the Brazilian mountain town of Petropolis, local government officials said on Wednesday, after heavy rains caused mudslides to bury homes, flood the streets, and wash away cars and buses.

The latest update from the National Civil Defence of Brazil recorded  94 confirmed deaths, 35 reported missing, and 24 were rescued alive.

Meanwhile, videos shared on social media showed the scale of the damage with vehicles floating in the streets.

“The situation is almost like war… cars hanging from poles, cars overturned, lots of mud and water still,” Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro said.

Castro also said that Search and rescue teams had been tirelessly working through mud and ruins in search of survivors. 

“The water came very fast and with great force. My loss was 100%. Our life was already tough with the pandemic… and this tragedy still comes,” shopkeeper Henrique Pereira told Reuters news agency.

Charity organizations have continuously asked for donations of mattresses, food, clothing, and face masks.

Earlier, Castro has declared a state of emergency, while President Jair Bolsonaro, who is on an official trip to Russia, said he would organize immediate help for the victims.

Brazil, in the last three months, has been hit with a series of heavy rains, which scientists said are being made worse by climate change.

In January 2011, Petrópolis and the surrounding region suffered the same fate, with more than 900 deaths due to flooding and landslides as severe storms swept across the city.

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