Peruvian Indigenous Protesters Occupy Petroperu Pipeline

State-owned pipeline company Petroperu said that around 200 indigenous Peruvians conquered its premises as Amazon natives demanded better economic and social assistance.

Manseriche district residents in Peru’s Loreto region took over Petroperu’s station 5, prompting the company to cease oil pumping operations and coordinate with the authorities. 

Petroperu said that it removed its employees from the scene, as protesters had recklessly dismantled the establishment’s properties and completely disregarded security conditions, which put people at imminent risk.

The company’s statement requested the demonstrators to protest in civilized manners, such as sitting down with government institutions and avoiding violence that could pose a threat to the country’s hydrocarbon industry and the economic income of the region. 

Amazon representatives, who took over pipeline companies in the past, could not be reached to provide a response. 

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