Palestine Targets Israeli Helicopters With Sam-7 Missiles

The Palestinian resistance forces claimed they have fired two Sam-7 missiles targeting Israeli helicopters while bombing parts of the Gaza Strip, sources said on Monday.

“Palestine air defense forces fired two rockets towards invading Zionist helicopters near the eastern coast of Gaza,” Al-Aqsa TV reported.

The missile launches come at a time when Israeli warplanes are bombing a number of resistance bases in Gaza.

Israel Defense Forces in a statement said they have targeted Hamas movement positions in southern Gaza late Saturday night after missiles were fired from the Palestinian enclave.

“The air force is bombing the targets in Gaza Strip in response to rockets that have been fired at the coast of Tel Aviv,” the statement said.

Meanwhile Israel’s Minister of Communications, Yoaz Hendel commented on the missiles fired from the Gaza Strip towards central Israel that his country must respond to any violation of its sovereignty.

“We have been in a war of attrition against the Gaza Strip since the disengagement and from time to time we find ourselves in a military operation,” Hendel told Radio 103FM in an interview.

What Israel wants from the Gaza Strip has not been decided yet, Hendel questioned, but said the most basic thing is that “we must respond to any violation of our sovereignty and the response should be such that it does not erode our deterrence.” 


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