One-Third of Syrian Children Out of School in Turkey: Report

Over 300,000 Syrian children living in Turkey are out of schools, making up to 35 percent of all the school-aged children from the war-hit country, Deutsche Welle’s Turkish service said in a report on Thursday

There are 1.1 million children at school age, but only 65 percent of them are going to schools, according to a report which said some 730,806 of those have been enrolled in schools.

49.33 percent of those going to schools are girls and 50.77 percent of them are boys, while the rate of children in primary schools stands at 75.13 percent, it added.

Syrian boys outnumber girls in kindergartens, primary and middle schools, while the number of Syrian female students in high schools is higher than those of male students.

Syrian students are less in higher school education because they preferred to work instead of going to school in order to help their families financially, it added.

“Some families in certain Turkish provinces were not enrolling their children over hopes they will leave Turkey and move to a third country,” it added.

Turkey has become home to over a million Syrian children whose families fled their country after the eruption of civil war in 2011.

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