Norwegian News Publisher Amedia Targeted by Cyberattack

Norwegian news publisher Amedia and its clients temporarily stopped operations after it was targeted by a cyberattack.

“Amedia has been subjected to a serious computer attack. As a result, Aura Avis will not publish a paper edition tomorrow,” said local outlet Aura Avis. 

Other news outlets were also affected as Amedia is Norway’s largest press.

Amedia’s data and technology director, Pål Nedregotten said that the hackers have demanded ransom money and that they will try to find a way to get up and running again.

“It is a very classic ransomware virus attack, where the intruder has invaded parts of our servers, encrypted our data and left a business card that typically rents on to a ransom demand. Something we are not going to enter into a dialogue about,” said Nedregotten.

Nedregotten however has not identified the hacking group that targeted Amedia. 

According to Amedia personal information from the subscription system including names, addresses, phone numbers, and subscription history of customers have been compromised as well. 

Amedia publishes for more than 90 newspapers in Norway including regional newspapers. 

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