Nicole Kidman Wonders if ‘Being the Ricardos’ Marketers Were “Scared” to Feature Her

Nicole Kidman has weighed in on the ongoing dispute surrounding the casting of Being the Ricardos.

Kidman addressed social media conversation around her performance as comedy queen Lucille Ball in writer-director Aaron Sorkin’s freshly released Amazon Studios film in a New York Times feature

Kidman noted that she was aware of critics who wanted the role to go to someone who had a more striking likeness to Ball or was more renowned for comedy, such as Debra Messing, who had actively pushed for the job. 

Kidman stated in The Hollywood Reporter’s recent cover article on the film why fan anger drove both her and Bardem to want to pull out of the picture a month before filming began.

Producer Todd Black persuaded the reps to let their clients stay after both performers’ agents sought to get them out of the film. Kidman and Bardem then requested that Sorkin postpone production by a year, but Amazon was anxious to proceed as planned.

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