New Zealand Supermarket Chain Removes Knives from Shelves after Terror Attack

New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown said that it has temporarily removed knives and scissors after a terror attack on Friday which injured six people.

Kiri Hannifin, Countdown’s general safety manager, said the company is considering whether the shops should sell them in the future.

“Last night, we made the decision to temporarily remove all knives and scissors from our shelves while we consider whether we should continue to sell them,” Hannifin said.

“This is in no way a reflection on our customers, but an act of support for our team. We want all of our team to feel safe when they come to work, especially considering the events of yesterday,” she added.

There were six people were injured, including three people in critical condition during the terrorist attack.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern noted that the attacker “was a supporter of ISIS ideology.” 

Meanwhile, another supermarket is checking whether they would remove the sharp objects from the store.

“Everyone deserves to be able to go to work and visit essential services like the supermarket safely,” Foodstuffs Head of corporate affairs Antoinette Laird said.

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