New Lava Fissure Reported in Iceland Volcano, Hikers Evacuated

The Icelandic Department of Emergency Management announced an immediate evacuation after a new fissure started spurting lava on a volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The new is about 500m (1,640ft) long fissure was initially spotted by a sightseeing helicopter.

“We had two new cracks opening up right around where people were walking, so […] we just clear out the area to figure out what is happening,” said Sigurjon Veigar, search and rescue team member.

Last March 20, the volcano erupted and spewed magma around its crater but did not cause any damage.

The eruption drew hikers and tourists to the area who tried roasting food over magma. 

The fissure reportedly posed no danger to busy hiking trails but authorities exercised extra caution. 

Geophysicist Magnus Gudmundsson explained that the volcanic eruption could be moving north from its original location.

“We now see less lava coming from the two original craters. This could be the beginning of the second stage,” said Gudmundsson.

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