New Gender-Neutral Pronoun Likely to Enter Norwegian Dictionaries Due to Popularity

A new gender-neutral pronoun is likely to enter Norwegian dictionaries within a year due to its popularity, the Language Council of Norway has confirmed.

Daniel Ims, a representative for the council, said that the use of “hen” as an alternative to the feminine “hun” and masculine “han” had increased in the country and earned its place in the dictionary.

“Over the years, we have seen that it has become increasingly used. In the beginning, there was a proposal that it should be used, but in recent years it has been increasingly used in newspaper texts and in academic use,” Ims told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Ims said the new pronoun could be added in the spring or in early autumn.

However, the Conservative Party, the Progress Party, the Christian Democrats, and the Center Party opposed the proposal, the Evening Standard reported.

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