Myanmar Security Forces Kill at Least 11 Protesters Armed with Homemade Guns and Knives

At least 11 protesters have been killed in Taze, a northwestern town in Myanmar after they tried to fend off security forces with hunting rifles and firebombs.

According to local news outlets,  six truckloads of troops were sent to disperse a protest in Taze when the protesters fought back with guns, knives, and firebombs.

In response to the resisting protesters, five more truckloads of soldiers were sent to the town. 

The ensuing conflict left 11 protesters dead while 20 were injured after security personnel used both live and rubber rounds against them. 

The Myanmar Military has not yet made a statement on whether they suffered any casualties. 

According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, 598 have been killed since the start of the coup as of Wednesday evening while 2847 have been detained.

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