Myanmar Junta Forces Burn 11 Villagers Alive in Salingyi

Myanmar Junta forces have reportedly burned 11 villagers alive in Dongtaw village at the Salingyi township, Sagaing region.

“According to initial reports, among 11 civilians from DonTaw Village, Salingyi Township, #Sagaing, #Myanmar, burned to death by SAC on Dec 7th 2021, five of them were under the age of 18,” announced Myanmar’s National Unity Government Party.  

Footage and photos of the massacre shared on social media have shown smoldering corpses with their hands bound or in the crawling position,

Around 50 junta troops reportedly stormed the village after barraging it with artillery and started rounding and tying up villagers as young as 14 into a hut before setting it on fire. 

The Myanmar junta has not yet released a statement on the Dongtaw killings while a list of the names of the victims has been shared online.  

Editors Note: Warning: Links from this news bulletin contain graphic images that may be disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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