Myanmar Air Force Conducts Airstrikes on Karen Villages Near Thai Border

The Burmese Airforce carried out several airstrikes on indigenous Karen tribe settlements in Mutraw district near the Thai border from Saturday to Monday and left at least three people dead.

The strikes were allegedly in response to Karen rebels seizing a military base in the area.

The bombings in Deh Bu Noh village in Mutraw district reportedly killed at least two villagers while a farmer was killed in Day Bu Doh valley.

According to the humanitarian aid group Burma Free Rangers, at least 3,000 Karen villagers crossed the river in the border into Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province while 10,000 more are displaced because of the air raids.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said are anticipating a possible large influx of people because of the ongoing coup in Myanmar.

“We don’t want to have mass migration into our territory, but we will consider human rights, too. We have prepared some places, but we don’t want to talk about the preparation of refugee centers at the moment. We won’t go that far,” said Prayut.

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