Misdemeanor Weapons Charge Against Kyle Rittenhouse Dismissed

Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed a misdemeanor weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse because it is legal to possess a long-barreled rifle at 17 in Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse still faces five felony charges and, if convicted on the most serious charge with the possibility of life in prison.

Schroeder has begun reading 36 pages of instructions to the jury ahead of closing arguments and could finish in a few hours.

Before the jury enters deliberations, lawyers on both sides will have to give their closing arguments before deciding whether Rittenhouse’s decision to use deadly force was reasonable.

Rittenhouse is still charged with first-degree intentional homicide of Anthony Huber; first-degree reckless homicide for Joseph Rosenbaum; and attempted first-degree intentional homicide against Gaige Grosskreutz along with two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.

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