Minnesota Woman with 42-Foot-Long Fingernails Breaks World Record

The Guinness World Records announced on Tuesday that a Minnesota woman broke the record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands.

Diana Armstrong, 63, has the world’s recorded longest fingernails, with a combined length of 42 feet and 10.4 inches as of March 13, 2022.

Armstrong’s right thumbnail is the longest of all her nails, measuring 4 feet and 6.7 inches, and her shortest nail, which is her pinky fingernail, is 3 feet and 7 inches long.

Armstrong has been growing her nails for over 25 years and last cut her nails in 1997.

Armstrong stopped cutting her nails ever since her daughter, Latisha, died in her sleep from an asthma attack at 16 years old.

Latisha used to manicure Armstrong’s nails.

“She was the only one who did my nails. She polished them and filed them for me,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said that she got chills every time she thought of cutting her fingernails and decided to keep them instead.

“Anytime I thought about cutting them off, it gave me chills like I’m going through that grief all over again. I didn’t want to go through that again, so I just kept them. It’s like keeping her close to me,” Armstrong said.

The previous holder of the world record for longest fingernails on a pair of hands was Ayanna Williams, who cut her fingernails in 2021 after growing them for 30 years.

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