Migrant Boat capsizes Off Libya, 35 Dead

At least 6 people died and 29 more were left missing after a migrant boat that carried 35 people sank off the coast of Libya on Saturday.

The incident occurred off the coast of Sabratha, Libya, a launching site for African migrants who choose to journey across the Mediterranean want to escape the turmoil in North Africa. 

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the six bodies have already been recovered, and 53 Libyan migrants were also reported to be dead or missing last week. 

“The continued loss of life in the #Mediterranean must not be normalized. Human lives are the cost of inaction. Dedicated search and rescue capacity and a safe disembarkation mechanism are urgently needed to prevent further deaths and suffering.” said the IOM in a tweet.

People attempt to cross the Mediterranean from Libya on a regular basis and established itself as the primary transit route for people fleeing Africa and the Middle East’s wars and poverty.

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