Methane Leaks Detected Across Romania

Romanian NGO reports that hundreds of oil and gas wells, pipelines, and storage tanks in Romania are leaking a climate pollutant–methane.

Mihai Stoica, Executive Director of 2Celsius of a Romanian Non-governmental organization partnered with the U.S.-headquartered advocacy group Clean Air Task Force (CATF) on the investigation of the methane emissions from oil and gas installations at around 50 sites.

Stoica said that Romania has significant problems with its oil and gas production infrastructure, and is a leading emitter of methane in the European Union (EU).

He also said that these problems cannot be resolved overnight.

“These problems will not be resolved overnight, but we must start working on them now. The climate can no longer wait,” he said.

A video showed that one of the leaks highlighted in the study was in the two of Campina, saying “we found two wells, twenty meters apart, in the parking lot of an apartment complex.”

“A children’s playground with slides, swings, and a merry-go-round sat in the middle of the two wells. As we walked up to the well we could smell the dangerous [fumes],” the video indicated. 

An infrared camera was used to reveal the leaking gas as children played nearby.

“A person who has lived in the apartment complex for almost twenty years said to us: ‘It always smells like that. We’re used to it,” the report added. 

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