Meta to Ban all Myanmar Junta-linked Businesses from Platforms

Meta, the corporation that owns Facebook and Instagram, has banned pages, groups, and accounts promoting Myanmar’s military, which seized power in February.

The statement comes a day after groups representing Muslim Rohingya refugees in the United States and the United Kingdom launched a lawsuit against the firm, alleging that it enabled hate speech to flourish on its platform in Myanmar.

In an online statement, Rafael Frankel, Meta’s head of policy for Asia-Pacific developing markets, revealed that the firm was widening its ban on Myanmar’s military to include enterprises.

In response to the complaint, Meta stated that it was “appalled” by the crimes done against the Rohingya and highlighted efforts it has taken against Myanmar, including the formation of a dedicated staff of Burmese speakers and investment in Burmese language technology to eliminate “violating material.”

Human rights and civil society groups in Myanmar, where Facebook is extensively utilized, have long criticized the social media platform. The business recognized in 2018 that it had not done enough to prevent its platforms from being used to encourage violence.

A prominent campaign organization applauded Meta’s restriction on military enterprises but encouraged the social media firm to enforce the rule.

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