Man Breaches Las Vegas Airport Security to ‘Visit Area 51 and See Aliens’

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police authorities revealed that a man drove a vehicle through at least one security fence at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Wednesday.

The man, later identified as Matthew Hancock, age 36, was taken into custody after crashing a vehicle into the metal barrier near the Mandalay Bay Casino.

Witnesses told police that Hancock was “doing donuts in the vehicle” before breaching the airport security fence. 

Hancock was observed speeding and driving reckless, weaving between  aircraft according to authorities.  

According to authorities, Hancock nearly collided with numerous aircraft, disrupted air traffic and made bomb threats.

Airport workers indicated that Hancock, wearing a clown mask, yelled “‘I have a (expletive) bomb. I’m going to blow this place up.”

Subsequent to his arrest Hancock told police to call him “the chosen one” and stated that his intention was to fly to Area 51 to see aliens.

“Area  51” is a military area north of Las Vegas where conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government hides aliens and UFOs.

Following Hancock’s arrest and after obtaining a search warrant, police found a hoax bomb device in the vehicle. 

According to police, the man nearly crashed into several planes, disrupted air traffic and made bomb threats.

Hancock was placed under arrest and transported to jail.

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