Malaysia repatriates 15 n Cambodiacybercrime syndicate victims

The Malaysian foreign ministry on Tuesday rescued 15 victims of suspected cybercrime in Cambodia. 

According to the foreign ministry, it had received 301 reports of people who fell into job scam networks in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. 

Reports said that of the 301, the ministry rescued 168 people, held 34 in immigration detention, and traced more than 99 people.  

This week, the ministry said there were raids across Cambodia on cybercrime compounds suspected of trafficking people into Cambodia for illegal gambling and fraud call centers. 

According to reports, victims of the scams said the promises of high-paying jobs at casinos and hotels lured them into Cambodia.  

However, they were forced to live in compounds and “defraud online users with internet romances and cryptocurrency schemes.” 

Cambodian authorities said they found evidence of illegal activities such as gambling, prostitution, confinement and torture, possession of weapons, human trafficking, and money laundering in one of the compounds. 

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