Malaysia Extends COVID-19 Vaccinations to Resident Foreigners

Malaysia will be offering its Covid-19 vaccines to resident foreigners in the country, according to the government.immunization

Science minister and Coordinating Minister for the COVID-19 immunization Khairy Jamaluddin said the Cabinet decided that foreigners residing in Malaysia will also receive free vaccines under the National Immunisation Programme.

“This will include diplomats, expatriates, students, foreign spouses & children, foreign workers & UNHCR card holders,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Access Special Committee (JKJAV) said, “A safe environment free from COVID-19 can only be achieved when as many Malaysian residents as possible are immunized,” in a statement.

The decision comes after also considering that the vaccines obtained by the country is more than enough for all Malaysians.

“During a pandemic, providing vaccinations is a humanitarian step,” JKJAV said.

Jamaluddin also said that undocumented foreigners will also be included in its free vaccine program and that JKJAV will be discussing its implementation.

“We will be reaching out to state governments, foreign embassies, NGOs to assist,” the minister added.

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