Macron Leads French Presidential Race Despite Criticism for Consultancy Use

Amidst controversy regarding his administration’s usage of consultancy firms, French president Emmanuel Macron continued to be a top contender for the ongoing presidential race in France.

After a four-month-long inquiry among France’s parliamentary for consultancy firms such as McKinsey, Accenture, and BCG, the French senate released a recent report that since 2018, Macron’s administration has accumulated €2.4 billion worth of contracts for work with consultancy firms, including the aforementioned companies.

The consultancy expenses hit a particularly high point last 2021, which was due to the country’s slow vaccine response amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The inquiry committee which is made up of senators and an opposition group has denounced Macron’s excessive consultancy use, stating in their 350-page report that the usage of consultancy firms has turned into a “reflex” and that consultancy firms have gone as far as being “involved in major reforms”. 

Aside from being heavily scrutinized by the French parliamentary for the usage of consultancy firms, Macron has also denied participating in a televised debate for presidential candidates. 

Macron has been keeping his eyes on the ongoing turmoil between Ukraine and Russia, conversing daily with Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and even impelled Russian president Putin to impose a cease-fire in an effort to stop the war. 

According to a poll by Ipsos, Macron earned 30.5% support from the people of France.

Macron’s success was attributed to the fact that France is deeply rooted in the history of wars, boasting some of the world’s greatest war-time political figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles de Gaulle.

Political history expert Jean Garrigues stated that “we can see that Macron’s adversaries have no experience equivalent to the presidential function, or even as key ministers, and are de facto in a situation of inferiority”, therefore “unifying” Macron’s impact.

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