Londoners Advised to Stay Indoors Due to Pollution

Experts in the United Kingdom warned Londoners to avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors on Friday due to “very high” levels of pollution.

The forecast has predicted pollution levels would hit band 10, the highest level on the scale.

The government’s official health advice stated that older people and those with lung or heart problems should avoid strenuous physical activity, while people with asthma may need to use inhalers more often.

It also warned that healthy people should reduce their physical exertion, especially if they experience symptoms such as cough or sore throat.

Health experts said an intense area of high pressure covering western Europe had caused the poor air quality and the associated lack of air movement meant emissions from vehicles and other pollutants only circulated within the city.

The government forecast put the city center with the most polluted air stretching from Stratford in the east to Hammersmith in the west, however, pollution levels were expected to return to normal by Saturday.

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