Liechtenstein Prince Investigated Over Alleged Shooting of Romania’s Largest Bear

Romania is investigating the killing of a male brown bear said to be its largest as environmental groups accused Prince Josef-Emanuel of Liechtenstein of shooting the animal.

Romania’s National Environmental Guard launched an investigation last April 29 into the killing of a male bear belonging to a protected species under Romanian and international laws.

In a joint statement on May 5, environmental groups Agent Green of Romania and the Association Against Animal Factories (VGT) of Austria have accused Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein of killing the bear during a hunt last March in a protected area in the Carpathian Mountains.

The groups said the environment ministry gave approval for the prince to shoot a female bear that had caused damage to farms in Ojdula in the Covasna county, but instead killed a 17-year-old male bear named Arthur, the largest observed in Romania.

“It is clear that the prince did not come to solve the problem of the locals but to kill the bear and take home the biggest trophy to hang it on the wall,” Agent Green President Gabriel Paun said in the statement.

“We are dealing with a game of poaching, since they shot the wrong bear,” Paun added.

Environment Minister Barna Tanczos also told AFP News that the ministry issued a hunting permit for a female bear in the county of Covasna, but did not say whom the ministry issued the permit to.

“We knew that a female bear was supposed to be extracted, but we afterwards found a male bear,” Berceanu told local press.

Romania outlawed trophy hunting in 2016, but issues exceptions for bears that cause damage.

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