Lebanon To Import Gas From Egypt

The Lebanon Energy Ministry announced on Wednesday that they have started work on reviving the Arab Gas Pipeline project aimed at importing natural gas from Egypt.

Lebanon Energy Minister, Walid Fayad said Egypt’s Technical Gas Services would begin renovation work on the pipeline inside the country.

“The renovation would be done within a few days and the project is expected to be completed in less than two months,” Fayad added.

Egypt has agreed to supply natural gas through Jordan and Syria that was reportedly supported by the US.

According to Fayad, the US said the project would not be affected by sanctions because no cash is going from any side to Syria.

“Egyptian officials are also in contact with the US officials to make sure that the contract does not breach the sanctions,” Fayad added.

Fayad said once the project is completed, about 650 million cubic meters of gas will be brought to Lebanon through the pipeline annually to the Deir Ammar power station in the north of the country.

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