Lebanon Releases Syrian Ship Accused of Carrying “Stolen” Ukrainian Grain

Lebanon on Thursday allowed a Syrian ship Ukraine accused of carrying stolen grain to be depart from port in the northern city of Tripoli.

Lebanon’s Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamie in a tweet said that “the Syrian ship, LAODICEA, is now outside Lebanese territorial waters.”

The Syrian-flagged Laodicea had arrived at Tripoli port Thursday carrying some 5,000 tonnes of barley and 5,000 tonnes of flour.

Ukraine ambassador to Lebanon, Ihor Ostash in his earlier meeting with Lebanon President Michel Aoun said a Syrian vessel entered into port of Tripoli on July 27, which was loaded in the port of Feodosius with barley taken out of the occupied territories.

Hamie said that port authorities in Tripoli had cleared the ship which is now moving toward the Syrian coast.

The vessel belongs to the Syrian state shipping company SYRIAMAR and has been under US Treasury Department sanction since 2015 for its affiliation with the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad.

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