Lebanon Officials Express Concern Over Increased ISIS Activities in North Regions

Lebanese officials on Wednesday expressed concern with the increased Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist activities in the northern regions of the country.

“Tens of youths have already smuggled to Syria and Iraq to join the ISIS ranks,” a security official told  Al-Akhbar.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said that security forces arrested members of an ISIS group who opened fire on the Lebanese army in the north.

The official said that  65 young Lebanese have reportedly joined the ISIS group which is based in Iraq.

Iraqi security forces said that ISIS militants are stationed in places that are not controlled by the Iraqi government.

Citing confirmed sources, Al-Akbhar also reported that smugglers are receiving $1,500 to transfer each of these Lebanese individuals into Syria and Iraq.

Heavy and light weapons, including machine guns, RPGs, mortars with large quantities of ammunition, were also allegedly smuggled into Lebanon.

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