Lebanon Foils Smuggling of 9m Amphetamine Pills

Authorities in Lebanon said on Thursday that they have foiled a plot to smuggle nine million illegal amphetamine Captagon pills to an unnamed Gulf country.

The Lebanese Customs in a statement said that the amphetamine pills were skillfully placed in a shipment of plastic oranges at the Beirut port.

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi, speaking at the port said an investigation has been launched to find who produced and packaged the pills. Mawlawi assured to find the real perpetrators behind the smuggling attempt.

“We are giving assurance to our citizens and to the Gulf countries that the Lebanese security agencies are serious in combating the smuggling of Captagon,” Mawlawi added.

Captagon pills are often smuggled to Saudi Arabia and to other Gulf countries from Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. Recently Saudi authorities seized several shipments containing millions of Captagon pills smuggled into the kingdom from Lebanon and Syria.

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