Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell Seek New Trial After Juror Reveals Personal Sexual Abuse Story

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell has called for a new trial after a juror who convicted her revealed to media outlets that he was a victim of sexual abuse.

In a letter to Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, defense lawyers said there were “incontrovertible grounds” for tossing out the conviction after a juror disclosed his personal sexual abuse story to fellow jurors.

“According to the juror, his disclosure influenced the deliberations and convinced other members of the jury to convict Ms. Maxwell,” attorney Christian Everdell wrote.

Scotty David, the juror identified only by his first and middle name, told The Independent in an interview after the conviction that he shared his experiences during deliberations.

“I know what happened when I was sexually abused. I remember the color of the carpet, the walls. Some of it can be replayed like a video,” David said he told the jury when some had questioned the memories from two of Maxwell’s accusers.

In a second letter to Nathan, Maxwell’s lawyers  argued that David failed to reveal during the jury selection process that he was a sexual abuse victim, which is asked on a written jury questionnaire.

Maxwell’s lawyers noted that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a new trial can be granted if a “juror failed to answer honestly a material question” during the selection process.

David told the media that the “flew through” the questionnaire and did not remember being asked if he was a sexual abuse victim.

David also said that if he was asked, he would have answered honestly.

The letters sent by Maxwell’s defense team came after prosecutors also asked the judge to open an inquiry into David’s statements, saying that they “merit attention by the Court.”

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