Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border Crossing Reopens After Year Of Closure

A major border crossing between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan reopened again on Wednesday nearly one year after intensive clashes between security forces of the two central Asian states.

Kyrgyzstan Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism Kiyal Kenzhematova said that tourists and officials from Tajikistan can cross the border at the following checkpoints:

  •  Kulundu-Avtodorozhny, 
  • Kairagach-Avtodorozhny, 
  • Kyzyl-Bel-Avtodorozhny, 
  • Bordobo-Avtodorozhny and 
  • Karamyk-Avtodorozhny.

Citizens of the third countries can also cross into Kyrgyzstan through these crossing points.

“We will send the names of tourists and officials to the department of tourism which takes one or two days before the border services let them in,” Kenzhematova added.

Kyrgyzstan closed these border crossings in April 2021 for its own citizens, and Tajikistan following deadly clashes that left four dead.

The two ex-Soviet Central Asian neighbors traded blame for cross-border shelling and clashes that wounded dozens others in a conflict over water.

The clashes took place in Kok-Tash village in western Kyrgyzstan near a water supply facility, and the clashes also forced 800 Kyrgyz residents to leave the village. After two days of fighting, the two sides agreed to pull back their troops and declared a ceasefire.

Kenzhematova said the decision to reopen borders was made in a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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