Kia Motors Hit With $20M Ransomware Attack

Kia Motors America has reportedly been hit by a ransomware attack with hackers demanding a payment of $20 million to prevent the leak of stolen data.

Technology news website Bleeping Computer reported that a gang of hackers called “DoppelPaymer” has taken the car company’s systems offline and left a note claiming that a “huge amount of data was stolen, or exfiltrated, from Kia Motors America and that it will be released in 2-3 weeks if the company does not negotiate with the threat actors.”

The note contained a link to a private victim page on the DoppelPaymer Tor payment site and the hackers said that the payment would increase to 600 bitcoins worth over $30 million if Kia Motors failed to pay the original price within 10 days.

The alleged attack came as Kia has experienced a nationwide outage since Feb. 13, affecting its servers, self-payment phone services, and dealer platforms.

The hackers also claimed in the note that they had targeted parent company Hyundai Motor Company.

However, Hyundai told Bleeping Computer in a statement that it had no evidence of being involved in the attack, though it had reported unexplained outages similar to what Kia has experienced.

A spokesperson from British arm of Kia Motors told Car Dealer Magazine that Kia Motors America “is on top of the issue.”

“Currently there are no issues in Europe as far as we are aware,” the spokesperson added, saying that there was no reason to think that the hackers will attack them but also said that extra precautions will take place.

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