Kazakh President Says Situation Stabilizing Across the Country

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said the situation has been stabilized in all regions of the country after a week of civil unrest.

Law enforcement agencies had seized back control of administrative buildings and vital services were being restored, President Tokayev quoted in a statement issued by his office.

During the week, Kazakh security forces killed 26 demonstrators and detained 5,800 others, according to the statement, adding a substantial number of foreign nationals were included among those who were detained.

The statement also confirmed the death of eighteen law enforcement officers during the civil unrest.

President Tokayev had earlier ruled out negotiation with the protestors, calling them bandits and terrorists who must be destroyed.

Unprecedented violence across the country erupted after dozens of people took to the streets over fuel prices which exploded into a wider protest against the central government.

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