Kaliningrad’s Governor Suggests Banning Movement of Goods from Baltic Nations

The governor of Russia’s Kaliningrad region announced on Monday that the country proposed a total ban on the movement of goods between Russia and the Baltic states.

Governor Anton Alikhanov said that Kaliningrad would propose to completely ban the movement of goods between the three Baltic States and Russia.

“We suggest a complete ban on movement of goods (including transit from third countries) between three the Baltic States and Russia (with the exception of the Kaliningrad Region) as a tit-for-tat measure. This will enable to load sea carriers and bring business to Kaliningrad ports, which took a big hit from EU restrictions,” Alikhanov said.

Alikhanov added that Kaliningrad insists on the complete cancellation of restrictions imposed by Lithuania.

“We insist that restrictions do not apply to transit to the Kaliningrad Region as a matter of principle. We look forward to the efforts of our Foreign Ministry,” Alikhanov said.

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