JPMorgan CEO Warns Unvaccinated NY Staff Could Be Fired

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned on Monday that the bank’s unvaccinated New York-based staff are at risk of losing their work, as banks return to in-person work and toughens on health protocols.

“If you aren’t going to get vaxxed, you won’t be able to work in that office. We’re not going to pay you not to work in the office. We want people to get vaccinated,” Dimon said in an appearance on CNBC’s “The Exchange” on Monday.

JPMorgan has not required its staff to be vaccinated, unlike other Wall Street banks, but Dimon said the bank was adjusting its vaccine policy to follow local rules.

“We’re not trying to be consistent,” Dimon said. “There are different laws and different requirements and cities and states and schools and so here we’re adjusting locally.”

JPMorgan’s vaccine mandate for its New York City headquarters restricts unvaccinated workers from entering its offices, and they will not have the option to remain unvaccinated and work from home, Dimon said.

Dimon’s remarks came after Citigroup, the fourth-largest bank in the U.S., announced that it will terminate unvaccinated employees, except those with medical exemptions, after Jan. 31.

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