Italy Fines Facebook over Data Collection Violations

The Italian Competition Authority, Autorita Garante Della Concorrenza E Del Mercato (AGCM), has fined Facebook Ireland Ltd. and Facebook Inc. €7 million for not complying with an order issued in November 2018. Facebook was not informing their users regarding the collection of personal data. 

“The Authority had ascertained that Facebook was misleading users to register on its platform by not informing them immediately and adequately—during the activation of the account—of the collection activity, with commercial intent, of data provided by them and, more generally, of the remunerative purposes underlying the service, emphasizing vice versa that it is free,” it said, translated from Italian.

AGCM also said that its investigation had indicated that the two companies had “not ceased their misleading practices despite its order to Facebook to cease said misleading practices.”

It fined Facebook €5 million for not complying with the November 2018 order, and an additional €2 million after not publishing an amended declaration on the homepage.

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