Italian Mafia Boss Arrested After Being Spotted on Google Street View in Spain

Authorities arrested an Italian mafia boss who has been on the run for 20 years after he was spotted on Google Street View in Spain.

Authorities arrested Gioacchino Gammino, a convicted murderer and one of Italy’s most wanted gangsters, in the Spanish town of Galapagar where he was living under the name Manuel.

Google Street View had captured an image of a man resembling Gammino chatting with another man outside a fruit and vegetable shop called El Muerto de Manu, or Manu’s Garden.

The image triggered an immediate investigation by the Sicilian police.

Police confirmed Gammino’s identity when they found a Facebook page of a now-closed, nearby restaurant called La Cocina de Manu, or Manu’s Kitchen, that had posted photos of Gammino dressed in chef’s clothes.

Police identified Gammino by the scar on the left side of his chin.

The restaurant included a dish called Cena Siciliana, or Sicilian dinner.

Police arrested Gammino on Dec. 17, but the details of his arrest surfaced after a report by La Repubblica on Jan. 5.

Palermo Prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, who led the investigation, confirmed the details of the arrest.

“There were many previous and long investigations, which led us to Spain. We were on a good path, with Google Maps helping to confirm our investigations,” Lo Voi told The Guardian.

Gammino was the boss of a Sicilian mafia group known as Stidda, which was caught up in a bloody feud with Cosa Nostra, Sicily’s main mafia network.

Gammino had been serving a life sentence at Rebibbia prison in Romen when he escaped in 2002.

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