Israeli Journalists Recieve Death Threats From Far-Right Groups

Reporters from KAN News, N12, and Channel 13 have received death threats from alleged right-wing extremists and attacked while covering inter-communal violence in Israel. 

N12 channel reporters Dana Weiss, Guy Peleg, Yonit Levi, and Rina Mazliah were all assigned security personnel after receiving multiple death threats online. 

Israeli police have already arrested a suspect who allegedly threatened Wiess but did not give further details. 

Alleged right-wing extremists have also reportedly resorted to attacking media personnel physically while they are covering from the ground. 

N12’s Ayala Hasson was attacked in Lod, Yoav Zehavi, and a photographer for KAN was attacked in Tel Aviv, while Channel 13 News reporter Lior Keinan was attacked in Ramat Gan.

KAN News reporter Antonia Yamin was also attacked with firecrackers while she was covering a Pro-Palestinian march in Germany. 

The attacks started with the beginning of Arab-Jewish clashes during Ramadan and intensified after Hamas started rocket barrages and Israel launched multiple airstrikes into Gaza. 

“The past week has been marked by an unprecedented number of attacks on journalists, against the backdrop of growing violence between Jews and Arabs, the missile attack on Israel, the war in Gaza and the ongoing incitement on the Internet against media outlets and journalists,” said the Union of Journalists in Israel.

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