Israeli Court Gives Two Life Sentence For Palestinian-American Who Killed A Teenage Israeli

An Israeli military court  on Wednesday gave two life sentence to Muntasir Shalabi, a Palestinian-American who opened fire and killed a 19 years old Yehuda Guetta and attempted to shoot two others in Tapuah Junction in the West Bank last May.

The panel of judges, led by Lt. Gen. Meirav Hershkovitz-Yitzhaki, called Shalabi’s actions “cruel and coldblooded,” saying that he was motivated by a “burning hatred and a desire to murder Jews,” The Times of Israel reported. The court also fined Shalabi a total of $809,000.

However, Guetta’s family said that the life term was not enough for Shalabi, demanding a harsher sentence.

“Our Torah speaks of life as a supreme value, and whoever harms it deserves death,” the media outlet quoted Guetta’s father Elisha as saying.

The incident occurred on May 2, 2021, in which Shalabi opened fire that fatally wounded Guetta, and seriously injured his two other friends Benaya Peretz, 19, and Amichai Hala, also 19.


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