ISIS Attacks Peshmerga Village, 5 Dead

At least five Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed in the Islamic State (ISIS) militants attack for the second time this month in Kirkuk province late on Sunday.

The Peshmerga Ministry in a statement on Monday said that the ISIS fighters attacked a Peshmerga checkpoint near the village of Qara Salim close to the town of Pirde.

Since November 27, at least three civilians and 18 Peshmerga fighters have been killed in attacks conducted by ISIS militants in areas disputed by Erbil and Baghdad.

There were also eight Kurdish soldiers killed in Diyala province on November 29 after six ISIS militants on motorcycle attacked them.

In another two attacks on the villages of Liheban and Khidirjija in Erbil’s Makhmour town, at least ten people, three civilians among them, were killed.

Iraqi security forces had recently launched three rounds of operations in northeastern Diyala to clear out terror elements following an ISIS attack that left more than a dozen of the area’s residents dead and several others injured.

The Peshmerga and Iraqi forces established joint coordination centers earlier this year, but they are not functioning properly because the two sides have not clearly outlined their respective roles and responsibilities, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon stated in its latest report on anti-ISIS operations that “poor coordination and communication between security forces in Iraq increased ISIS’s success, especially in areas along the boundary of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.” 

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